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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

South Dakota Passes Abortion Ban

On Wednesday the State Senate in South Dakota passed legislation that essentially banning abortion. There are two camps forming pretty quickly in conservative circles. One camp that thinks this is a great thing and another that thinks we don't have the votes in the Supreme Court yet. I think that I am in the latter camp.

Assuming that Chief Justice Roberts, and Justice Alito vote correctly (i.e. striking down Roe v. Wade) that only leaves us with 4 rock solid votes (I am very sure that Justices Thomas and Scalia will do the right thing). So, who does that leave us with?

Breyer - Definite no
Ginsburg - Definite no
Stevens - Definite no
Souter (otherwise known as Reagan's biggest mistake ever) - Probable no
Kennedy - ?????

I think it would be wise to wait and see if Bush gets another appointment because I don't think we can win it right now.

I've never wanted so badly to be wrong.


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