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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Hillary's Rant Against School Vouchers

Michelle Malkin has a great post about the rant from "She Who's Name Shall Not Be Spoken" against school vouchers. My first comment is that she sent her daughter to private school and she is doing everything she can to make sure that poor people do not get to have the same privilege.

Hillary tries to pull a bait and switch by giving a few scenarios that any level-headed person would have no problem with. You want to go to a Catholic School? No problem. A Jewish school? No problem. Then she moves on to the things at which any rational person would be aghast, White Supremacist's School and School of the Jihad. Just quickly, did she really say "School of the Jihad"? Yup, she did. All of this so that she can hide the fact that she really does equate Catholic and Jewish schools with a School of the Jihad.

I have two main points to make about this lame attempt at rehashing the already debunked theory that if we have school vouchers then all of a sudden some really bad schools will pop up and YOU WILL BE PAYING FOR IT WITH YOUR TAX DOLLARS!! By the way, 5 years ago people always used Wiccan schools as their example because they thought that if they mentioned Wicca then we Christians would automatically cower in the corner begging the Democrats to save us from the School of Satan.

First of all we know the idea that all of these Jihad schools are going to pop up really is ridiculous. How do we know this? Because it isn't happening now. Do you realize that there is nothing illegal about having a White Supremacist school right now? Do you think that the Jihadists out there would love to have their school, but they can't get the money together for it? Obviously not. Is it possible that with vouchers some parents will use the money for a school that offends me? Yes - absolutely. But that is not a State sponsored religion. Where the money goes is decided by the parent. Many parents will make bad choices. But many, many, many more will make great choices.

Secondly, she tries to make it sound as if when the voucher system is put into place we will all of a sudden have all of these moral quandaries about who we can and can't give money to. What will constitute a school and what will not. I say that these questions pale in comparison to the decisions that a public school has to make every single day. A fact of education is that you cannot teach any subject (with the possibility of math - and shop) without injecting your own moral, philosophical and lots of times religious ideas into the mix. Any time you teach you will discriminate. In science you have to decide to how far to go with theories of origin. With history you have to decide what parts of history are more important and which pieces get left out. In English you have to decide from which pieces of literature you will read. Do you or do you not celebrate Christmas. Walter Williams has a great piece on just this subject.

I would like to make a deal with liberals right now. You let us have school vouchers and you can have total control of public schools. Just imagine, you can stop pretending that you respect Judeo-Christian values. You can get rid of Christmas, teach that the Founding Fathers were Hindu priests, and have long conversations about how much the students really hate their parents even though they don't know it. Of course, you won't take this deal because you know that when the better option is available parents will no longer send their kids to your failing social experiments.


  • At 12:19 PM, Blogger The Gentle Cricket said…

    Hillary is not the only hypocrite on the issue. It offends me that those who seem to preach to the "little guys" (the poor, underprivileged etc...) fail to endorse this simple thing which would do such wonderful things.

    Aside from evening the playing field between "rich and poor" (pronounced "white and black" by most dem's), the competition that would arise amongst schools would benefit everyone. Schools run like a business would be required to be fiscally responsible, and would have to strive to provide a good eduation.

  • At 6:42 PM, Blogger Jason Green said…

    great comment tgc.

  • At 2:49 PM, Blogger K said…

    More posts, more posts, more posts.



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