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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

The MSMs are Partying Like it's 1,999

The latest news story puts the death toll in Iraq at 1,999. Journalists everywhere are waiting with anxious expectation for the big number 2,000. Who knows, if they are lucky it will happen today. You can just see a slobbery Maureen Dowd watching the AP newsline waiting for the news that another brave soldier has died. Then let the Bush Bash Ball begin. Think of the excitement!! Calls for an exit strategy, Cindy Sheehan standing in front of the White House begging to be carted off by two husky men, pictures of the soldier who was number 2,000. It will be a glorious day for the media wing of the Democratic party.

Where are the news reports of the number of insurgents we have killed? What about giving some reports of the progress we have made? Where is the perspective? Not once have I seen a report on a major offensive that went off really well. Why is that? Is it that it isn't happening? Not according to the soldiers that are there. With few exceptions our soldiers are proud and optimistic about what is going on in Iraq.

So, to our MSM friends I say put away the party hats and get to some real journalism.


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