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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Al Gore: I Am Speechless (but I'll try)

Once again let me just give my thoughts on what former Vice President had to say during his speech in Stockholm.

"I have absolutely no plans and no expectations of ever being a candidate again"

Translation: I may, or may not, run.

"We would not have invaded a country that didn't attack us,"

True enough, but then again you probably wouldn't have gone to war against Afhganistan either. My money says that after 9/11 you would have been groveling at the feet of the Taliban asking their forgiveness for the fact that we have polluted their world.

"We would not have taken money from the working families and given it to the most wealthy families."

I assume that you are referring to the tax cuts. Point of clarification: the tax cuts stopped the act of taking from one person and giving to another, they did not facilitate it.

"We would not be routinely torturing people"
You, sir, are ridiculous. When will the liberals stop denigrating the fine men and women of our military in order to take cheap political shots a George Bush?


  • At 5:46 AM, Blogger Chris Jarrell said…

    Hey Jason, I sorry I didn't make it clear about the Buzzmarketing book that I am reading is not a "Christian" book. However, there are many principles in the book that we can use to promote and market the Greatest Message of all time...The Great News of Jesus. The book was written for small start up businesses, to get buzz out without have a bunch of advertising dollars.

    Have a great day.

  • At 12:36 PM, Anonymous Chris D said…

    Hey J!!

    Al Gore is right in one respect. This country would be a whole lot different. Reading the Bible anywhere outside the church would be against the LAW. Gay marriage would be legal everywhere, and illegal to speak out against it. NAMBLA would probably get Federal aid. He would have further given more of our military secrets to China. And last but not least Al Gore would have probably appointed Michael Moore to Chief Justice followed by his second nominee Hillary Clinton.

    It would have certainly been a different place. Thank the Lord George W Bush is the President.

    Chris D


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