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Monday, October 31, 2005

Now This is More Like It

Well, it's not Janice Rogers Brown, but hey, I'm excited. President Bush appointed Judge Samuel Alito. This is an excellent choice and we as conservatives need to back him.

The guys over at What Now have posted a great way to support Justice Alito. Please visit them and check out their post entitled "Thank God!". Harry Reid is doing his normal passive-aggressive-just-before-becoming-really-nasty-aggressive thing by asking whether or not Alito is "too radical for the American people".

I am really looking forward to this fight. Not because I like fights, mind you. That was certainly true of me a few years ago, but now fights are not something I go around looking for. However, in this case the fight that is going to happen during the Alito confirmation process will bring to light many important issues. I'm not talking Roe vs. Wade either. I'm talking Constitutional authority, state's rights, and judicial activism. Were these three things properly understood (or more correctly properly cared about) then abortion would not be legal today and we would be a far freer society.


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