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Thursday, January 25, 2007

SPINELESS Republicans

There are times for dissent, there are times to make known your disagreement, and there are times to keep your big mouth shut. Some of our Republican leaders need to learn the difference. There are at least nine Republican senators who are supporting a legislative proposal condemning the decision by the administration to increase the troops in Iraq.

I have no problem with them disagreeing with this decision, and I have no problem with them voicing that disagreement before the decision has been made and the plan put into effect. This resolution is nothing more than a political ploy that is meant to make Bush weak. Furthermore, this resolution will make success of the surge less likely. Public opinion during a war is important to the troops and (at least a show of) solidarity in your leaders is important to the troops. This resolution undermines both.

I have come to expect this from Democrats. Their thirst for power has obliterated either their decision making capacity or their desire for what is best for the United States. But these smarmy, political tactics by a bunch of Republicans is disgusting.

Richard Luger said "I am not confident that President Bush's plan will succeed". What good does it do to express this opinion other than to cover your backside?

The following is a list of Senators that should not be re-elected in the next Republican primary:
Richard Luger
Gordon Smith
George Voinovich
Sam Brownback
Susan Collins

These senators are named in the piece, but this goes for any senator that votes for this ridiculously infantile resolution.

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