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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Scooter Who?

If there is anything you can count on it is one piece of news making yesterday's big headlines today's snore-fest. Oh well, I'm glad at this point that the big thing is my new biggest hero, Samuel Alito. The Washington Times claims that the confirmation process is going to be Armageddon. I hope so. As I said in my last post I can't wait for the debate to get started.

Also, as K said on his post "Alito for SCOTUS", please call your Senator and let him/her know that we want a fair and quick hearing. Let them know that dropping the f-bomb (filibuster) is not acceptable. A simple email will do a world of good. Also, give them a call. They count the calls and each call makes a huge impact. If you don't feel good about actually talking to someone then wait until the evening to give them a call and leave a quick message on the answering machine. Remember, you don't have to be eloquent - this is a numbers game. If you just call and mumble something about supporting Alito then you have done your patriotic duty. Let's get those phone ringing!!


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