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Sunday, December 11, 2005

Libs are Scared of Conservative Blogs

Michael Crowley, of the New York Times wrote an article entitled "Conservative Blogs are More Effective". This article is proof positive that the Liberals don't like the new world that we are living in that keeps them from spouting off any diatribe they want. Now, you may be thinking (if you only read the title of the story) that this article is a Liberal conceding that the Conservative may have something going for them. But don't worry, dear reader, I am here to show you the true meaning of this article.

What Mr. Crowley said:
Conservatives, by contrast, skillfully use the Web to provide maximum benefit for their issues and candidates. They are generally less interested in examining every side of every issue and more focused on eliciting strong emotional responses from their supporters.

What he means:
With this sentence the author is trying to show his readers that conservatives are not, necessarily smarter or more adept, it's just that they cheat. You see, while the intelligen liberals are spending time looking at each issue's nuance and debating with each other about the best way to come to the same conclusion, the conservatives are all going to Rush's site and getting their marching orders.

What Mr. Crowley said:
When the liberal activist Matt Stoller was running a blog for the Democrat Jon Corzine's 2005 campaign for governor, he saw the power of the conservative blogosphere firsthand. Shortly before the election, a conservative Web site claimed that politically damaging information about Corzine was about to surface in the media. It didn't. But New Jersey talk-radio shock jocks quoted the online speculation, inflicting public-relations damage on Corzine anyway. To Stoller, it was proof of how conservatives have mastered the art of using blogs as a deadly campaign weapon.

What he means:
The conservative blogs are the new yellow journalism. Here, Mr. Crowley tries to make you think that the conservative blog "machine" pulled a number on their readers. In other words, we are not bringing information to light (ahem, Dan Rather - memogate, ahem) we are just confusing people.

What Mr. Crowley said:
But what really makes conservatives effective is their pre-existing media infrastructure, composed of local and national talk-radio hosts like Rush Limbaugh, the Fox News Channel and sensationalist say-anything outlets like the Drudge Report

What he means:
Whine, whine, whine, boohoo, whine and boohoo.

I think it is very interesting that when this whole "internet" thing started the dope-smoking long-haired hippies of the world thought that we were entering the new Age of Aquarius whereby ideas from all around the world would come flooding in and be at the disposal of all people. Of course, what they thought this meant was that they would be able to fool more people into believing the way they believed. But now, the reality is starting to set in for them. Just because we have something to say, doesn't mean we can make anyone listen to it.

Update: Michelle Malkin has a piece on this as well.


  • At 10:03 AM, Anonymous cthulhu said…

    Regarding your last point, I think it's more accurate to say that the "long-haired hippies of the world" never imagined that their own ranks were so permeated by statists and control freaks.

    Having known quite a few of the LHHotW, I've found very few who were looking to fool anyone besides themselves. There is a certain painful level of sincerity in their mindset (unlike, say, the DNC).


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