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Monday, May 22, 2006

A Very Convenient Lie

The picture above does a great job of summarizing everything that is wrong with the environmental movement. As this BBC report shows, Al Gore is using Hurricane Katrina to scare you into voting the Republicans out of office. That's really what this is all about after all. The liberals use environmental demogaguery to scare you into voting for them. Even the climatologists that believe in global warming are saying, with almost no exceptions, that the hurricanes we have been experiencing have nothing at all to do with global warming. Al Gore knows this. But he doesn't mind lying about it if it will get your vote.

The reason this makes me so angry is because I spent most of my time between the 4th and 9th grade being very afraid of environmental issues. When I was in elementary school we were shown a video showing a trash ferry in New York. We were told that the world was filling up with trash so quickly that nobody knew what to do with this trash and that pretty soon there would be no more room in any of our landfills. It ends up that the shipper was just trying to save some money on where he was dumping the trash and inadvertently started the controversy. (See Myth #4 on this ABC story by John Stossel.) I don't want to be too melodramatic about this, but the irresponsibility of environmentalist wackos literally stole a large portion of my childhood. I wouldn't even play with silly string because I was afraid I was putting a hole in the ozone.

Now, I'm not going to go over all of the reasons that the Global Warming theory is full of holes (Michael Crichton does a great job of that here), but please, just stick with the facts and leave the scaremongering out of it.