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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Bringing Me Back

OK, my last post kind of bummed me out - but this will bring it all home:

Conservatives Must Not Stay Home

You may have heard (over and over and over) that conservatives plan to stay home on election day. First things first - I am pretty sure that most of this is psychological warfare being played by the media wing of the Democrat party, commonly known as the mainstream media. Or, it could be just wishful thinking on their part. But in case there are any conservatives out there who are planning to teach the Republicans a lesson by not voting, allow me to correct you.

Numero Uno) If the Dems take control George Bush will be impeached. President Bush needs to be able to give his full attention to the war but instead he would be forced to spend time fighting off the ankle biters. Instead of giving our troops the leadership they need and deserve, he will be forced to give his attention to legal proceedings. Not only will time be wasted fighting off impeachment hungry Democrats, but every move that our Commander in Chief makes will result in an inquiry as to why it wasn't done better. He will not be able to cough without Harry Reid calling for an independent counsel that will determine whether or not he properly covered his mouth. And not only will our troops suffer, but this would be a great injustice done to a man who deserves more. We need to remember the leadership and love that George Bush has shown our country during the hardest times most Americans can remember. He deserves better. Many reading this blog don't agree with a lot of what the President has done. Same here. But he has my respect and my loyalty and if he doesn't have yours then, yes, I question your patriotism. (Before any of you have a heart attack, loyalty does not necessarily mean blindly following and agreeing with every decision, but it does mean giving his position due respect)

2) If you have a problem with Republicans being too liberal then punish them during the primaries. The general election is not the time. I agree 100% that a lot of these RINOs (Republicans in Name Only) deserve to be tossed out. But pretending that staying home is your political statement is a crock. If you wanted to do something then it should have been done long before now. For many the reason they are taking this road is because doing something, like supporting a candidate during the primaries, is much harder than doing nothing, like staying home.

C) Do you realize how much damage could be done by the Dems if they take control? Forget about getting a decent bench appointment. Good-bye ban on sucking the brain out of partially born babies. Good-bye tax cuts. Good-bye surveillance on the enemy, and for that matter good-bye war on terror.

If you're mad at the Republicans fine, but you still need to get up off of your blessed assurance on election day and vote and then do a better job during the primaries in 2 years.

Thank you - that is all.

Saturday, October 14, 2006