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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Democrats: On the Wrong Side of History - Again

This article from the Wasthington Times (Centrist Democrats hit anti-Bush tactics) has some great points about how the Dems have overplayed their hand regarding the "Bush Spied" story. I think their main problem is that they really don't understand that most people are not political. Most people don't have an agenda of destroying the President, especially during a time of war. The Left's hatred for President Bush has blinded them to the political reality that Americans expect their government to "provide for the common defense" (I think I've read that somewhere).

My wife is not someone that most people would call political. She is aware of issues and has opinions on them, but she doesn't care about who wins or loses. She just wants our government to do what it is supposed to do. So, it was interesting for me to hear her response when I first told her about the scandal surrounding the President and his completely legal spying - "And that's a bad thing because?". It was apparent to her that what George Bush did was the right thing. Most people think this way and the Dems are, once again, on the wrong side of the issue.

Sunday, December 18, 2005

UCLA Study Concludes that Media has Liberal Bias - They Also Discovered that Snow is Often White

A 3 year long study by a UCLA political scientist has shown, I think pretty conclusively, that the media in this country has a left-leaning bias. In fact, the general media is so biased that The Drudge Report is seen as left leaning because it links to stories from the mainstream media. The method they used was very scientific in that they indexed "right leaning" and "left leaning" statements against statements made by lawmakers. These lawmakers political leaning was also indexed against his or her voting record. Also, this study did not include any opinion pieces. It was based solely on news articles.

While the conclusion of this report was blindingly obvious - it is nice to have the confirmation.

Saturday, December 17, 2005

NY Times Story a Double Whammy Against Journalistic Integrity

Check out this thread at It highlights the fact that the "Bush Spied" story that the NY Times put out there was actually an excerpt from the author's book that will be coming out shortly. The real sadness here is not the damage this might have done to the President (Gdub can handle himself, and he does it very well). It is the fact that they used this story to pull steam from the good news coming from Iraq.

The election should have been front page news. However, it is understandable that they wouldn't wanted printed since it would have been damaging to their case that Iraq is a quagmire. No wonder people have stopped reading this rag.

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Libs are Scared of Conservative Blogs

Michael Crowley, of the New York Times wrote an article entitled "Conservative Blogs are More Effective". This article is proof positive that the Liberals don't like the new world that we are living in that keeps them from spouting off any diatribe they want. Now, you may be thinking (if you only read the title of the story) that this article is a Liberal conceding that the Conservative may have something going for them. But don't worry, dear reader, I am here to show you the true meaning of this article.

What Mr. Crowley said:
Conservatives, by contrast, skillfully use the Web to provide maximum benefit for their issues and candidates. They are generally less interested in examining every side of every issue and more focused on eliciting strong emotional responses from their supporters.

What he means:
With this sentence the author is trying to show his readers that conservatives are not, necessarily smarter or more adept, it's just that they cheat. You see, while the intelligen liberals are spending time looking at each issue's nuance and debating with each other about the best way to come to the same conclusion, the conservatives are all going to Rush's site and getting their marching orders.

What Mr. Crowley said:
When the liberal activist Matt Stoller was running a blog for the Democrat Jon Corzine's 2005 campaign for governor, he saw the power of the conservative blogosphere firsthand. Shortly before the election, a conservative Web site claimed that politically damaging information about Corzine was about to surface in the media. It didn't. But New Jersey talk-radio shock jocks quoted the online speculation, inflicting public-relations damage on Corzine anyway. To Stoller, it was proof of how conservatives have mastered the art of using blogs as a deadly campaign weapon.

What he means:
The conservative blogs are the new yellow journalism. Here, Mr. Crowley tries to make you think that the conservative blog "machine" pulled a number on their readers. In other words, we are not bringing information to light (ahem, Dan Rather - memogate, ahem) we are just confusing people.

What Mr. Crowley said:
But what really makes conservatives effective is their pre-existing media infrastructure, composed of local and national talk-radio hosts like Rush Limbaugh, the Fox News Channel and sensationalist say-anything outlets like the Drudge Report

What he means:
Whine, whine, whine, boohoo, whine and boohoo.

I think it is very interesting that when this whole "internet" thing started the dope-smoking long-haired hippies of the world thought that we were entering the new Age of Aquarius whereby ideas from all around the world would come flooding in and be at the disposal of all people. Of course, what they thought this meant was that they would be able to fool more people into believing the way they believed. But now, the reality is starting to set in for them. Just because we have something to say, doesn't mean we can make anyone listen to it.

Update: Michelle Malkin has a piece on this as well.

New GOP Ad - You Need To See It

The plan for Democrats: Retreat and Defeat, or Cut and Run, or "Thank you sir, may I have another"

You have got to check out the ad on the GOP website. It is perfect. Thanks to whoever put this one together.

Friday, December 09, 2005


This man has shown the world what integrity looks like. There was no political upside to his support for the war, yet he did the right thing. Thank you Senator.